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Dazed & Confused
"Perfection is ugly, I want to see
scars, failure, disorder, distortion." ()
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Blind Improvisation
by 이루마
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Yohji Yamamoto Homme backstage by Elise Toïdé

"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

Werner Bischof. Tokyo. Picasso exhibition. 1951 

[Sunday Afternoon, it was just an instant.]

- Song On The Beach, Arcade Fire
- 菜穂子 (めぐりあい), Joe Hisaishi
- Photograph, Arcade Fire
- Ending: A Short Piece, 이루마
- Longue Distance, Jung Jae Hyung
- 菜穂子, Joe Hisaishi
- Blind Improvisation, 이루마
- Love For The First Time After The End, Jung Jae Hyung
- Opus, Ryuichi Sakamoto
- He Says, Kim Joo Hyun

菜穂子 (めぐりあい)
by Joe Hisaishi
1,528 plays

Hearing Hearing, 듣기 듣기”
Seeing Seeing, 보기 보기”


I just need someone who understands silence the same way I do.

- interviewer: "what do you think of fashion today?"
- yohji: "it's shitty."

Rei Kawakubo, Donald Drawbertson.

A beingkeeper”, 2014

"My main focus in coming to Paris was just to open a tiny shop, but there happened something, because I wasn’t the only one, the other designer (Rei Kawakubo) did the same thing. So, for European people, it was like a new movement arrived, or new army arrived. I think they accepted it in their way, so I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to open a tiny shop."